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Ensuring Sustainable Business

our goal is to ensure community, environmental and social considerations are integrated within our day to day working practices and to ensure the principles of sustainable development are applied throughout the project lifecycle.

What we mean:

As a responsible developer, we employ the most sustainable and environmentally responsible techniques across our construction projects, paying close attention to conserving energy, reducing our consumption of raw materials, using sustainable resources and minimising waste.

ensuring sustainable business

Our approach:

  • Sustainable site selection – recognising it is a finite resource we promote the reuse of land and over 90% of our development portfolio with specified use is brownfield. We also re-use or refurbish buildings wherever practicable and in the event of demolition, seek to re-use the materials generated within the ongoing redevelopment of the site

  • Sustainable construction – we continually seek to minimise waste, reduce noise, dust and CO2 emissions throughout the construction process. We also carefully select our contractors, our workforce and the materials that we employ on site including the use and development of renewable energy
  • Sustainable building design – from the outset, we consider methods of reducing the energy demands of our buildings including, introduction of SMART controls, window placement, high building mass and low air permeability

  • Sustainable development – we create places that are sensitive to local needs and promote future investment. Wherever possible we seek to employ local materials and labour whilst also creating opportunities for apprentices, graduates and work experience trainees

Sustainable business in action

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