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Supporting Communities

we seek to align with the communities in which we operate and recognise the principles of CSR are an integral part of all that we do.

What we mean:

Many of our sites are located in areas that would benefit from an economic boost and by transforming them we instantly provide people with a sense of place. Beyond securing planning gain, we want to involve the community in the development from the outset to ensure we create places that make communities proud and leave a legacy for generations to enjoy.

ensuring sustainable business

Our techniques include:

  • Social inclusion – we encourage the employment of local people, subsidise local initiatives and wherever possible work with selected local charities

  • Community engagement – we understand that pre-application community involvement can bring valuable local knowledge of development sites enabling scheme improvements, enhancing the scheme’s sensitivity to local needs and lead to greater commercial value
  • Engaging with local schools and community groups – we are always looking at ways in which we can support or instigate local initiatives that bring benefit to our sites and the surrounding environment. Where possible, we seek to involve schools and the local community in these initiatives which not only help to build understanding and trust in our work but makes development more accessible.

  • Providing transport choices – we recognise the aim of any new development should be to reduce the need to travel by private transport and to maximise walking, cycling and use of public transport as an alternative and ensure that careful consideration is given to transport choices from the outset of our developments

Supporting communities in action

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