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Health and Safety

we give high priority to safeguarding the health and safety of the public and our employees.

We remain committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors, subcontractors, customers and visitors to our sites. We have a comprehensive safety, health and environmental (SHE) management system in place, which is integral to our business. This is supported by detailed policies and procedures in respect of both our development and residential activities; these are continually refreshed to ensure they reflect any changes to regulation or best practice.

The SHE Steering Group, chaired by the Group Construction Director, monitors the Company’s SHE management system. It receives reports from senior management, reviews incident and accident prevention performance and agrees initiatives designed to continue the promotion of a positive safety culture across St. Modwen’s activities. The Steering Group reports on its activities to the Board.

We engage independent consultants to ensure compliance with Construction and Design Management (CDM) regulation, with particular focus on our residential activities through St. Modwen Homes where we are the principal contractor. All St. Modwen Homes’ sites are registered with the Considerate Contractors scheme and a number have been awarded certificates of performance beyond compliance, which recognise consideration to the locality, the workforce and the environment that goes beyond statutory requirements.

Specialist external consultants carry out regular health and safety audits of all our sites under development. Regular risk assessments of our properties are undertaken using an online management system, with implementation of any resulting actions monitored by the Property Board.

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St. Modwen also operates a pre-qualification process to ensure the selection of competent consultants and contractors.

We encourage responsibility for the identification and mitigation of health and safety risks at an individual level. Regular and appropriate competence training is provided for our employees, contractors and subcontractors to ensure that health and safety considerations remain at the forefront of any activity.

We measure our health and safety performance through accident frequency rates (AFR), measured as the number of reportable incidents x100,000 (being the number of hours a person works in a lifetime) divided by the total hours worked by all persons at risk.

For the 12 months to 30th November 2016 the AFR score across our development portfolio was 0.33; surpassing the industry standard of 0.4.

With the number of man hours worked in the year exceeding 3m we are pleased to report that there were no health and safety prosecutions, enforcement actions or fatalities arising from our activities during the year.

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