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Creating Better Environments

to ensure we make informed decisions about biodiversity and the environment in which we are developing, we seek to understand our sites and the surrounding areas at the outset of any project.  

What we mean:

On a broad scale, environmental sustainability is important for the wellbeing and stability of the economy in terms of resource shortages and unpredictable climate patterns. Also, by looking after existing and creating new green spaces we can ensure that not only do our schemes evolve into inspirational places to live and work but we are continually enhancing the environment and promoting biodiversity in and around our sites.

creating better environments

Our approach

  • Promoting biodiversity – we ensure protected specifies and habitats are safeguarded or new habitats are provided in our developments. Our site design should allow movement of protected wildlife to continue and mitigation measures are adopted to ensure no net loss of biodiversity.

  • Managing flood risk and conserving water – we incorporate sustainable drainage systems that include reducing the built footprint, use of green roofs and walls, provision of ponds or seasonal wetlands, additional tree planting and the use of permeable surfaces. Similarly we seek to conserve water through rainwater harvesting techniques
  • Creation of green spaces our activities can range from planting thousands of new trees, providing new wildlife havens on former industrial land to creating new parks and public access linking communities through previously inaccessible industrial sites

Creating better environments in action

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